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Hainan development film industry policy more Haikou registered companies up to 5 million yuan subsidies

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South China Sea Network, South China Sea network client Haikou October 21 news (South China Sea network reporter Liu Mai) On October 21, "2016 China Film Investment Summit Forum · Hainan" was held in Haikou Mission Hills。Ding Hui, Director of Hainan Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, Ni Qiang, deputy secretary of Haikou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Haikou, introduced the film investment film environment and policies on the scene. Big people in the film industry expressed their interest in Hainan's policy of supporting the film industry, hoping that the policy can be sustained and cultivate Haikou's film industry。

Hainan development film industry policy more Haikou registered companies up to 5 million yuan subsidies

Haikou Deputy Party secretary, Mayor Ni Qiang speech。Photo by Li Qingfang/Nanhai Net

Ni Qiang introduced the development of Haikou film and television industry,他说,Haikou film and television development chain continues to extend,It has the largest single indoor studio in China,Intelligent scene, props and other film and television industry,There are also more than a dozen colleges and universities,A number of colleges and universities, such as the tourism university, which should be regarded as the focus of tourism culture, are being prepared,It will provide professional talents and intellectual support for the development of film and television industry。In June this year, Haikou Cultural Industry Park was officially established, forming a film and television industry cultural center focusing on the film and television industry and animation games, copyright trading, script creation, corporate headquarters, capital registration as one, and currently more than 100 enterprises have stayed。

Ni Qiang also highlighted Haikou's latest policies on the development of the film and television industry。June this year,Haikou City Government issued the "Haikou City Support Film and Television Industry Interim Provisions",All expenses incurred during filming in Haikou City are presented,Give a 20% reward according to the truth;A newly registered film and television enterprise with independent legal personality in Haikou City,The maximum grant is 5 million yuan;Individual income tax, urban construction tax, value-added tax, corporate income tax at the municipal level retained part of 100% reward;For house purchase, residence, award, settlement and so on,There are relevant policies and incentives;Reflect Hainan theme,Awards that have a significant social impact,Give significant rewards, etc。

Ding Hui said that the provincial government of Hainan Province has listed the cultural industry as one of the 12 key industries, and the film environment in Hainan is constantly optimized and the infrastructure is consolidated and complete。With the rise of the international tourism island as a national strategy, the degree of opening up of Hainan has been further expanded, and gratifying achievements have been made in economic and social development。The 13th Five-Year Plan period,Hainan will continue to follow the principle that people do not have their own, people have their own superior,We will introduce more policies to support the development of the film industry,Actively guide all kinds of capital into the core industry of film content,Expand the film production chain,Radiation performance, leisure, tourism, hotel, tourism, speakers, clothing, catering and other related industries,Develop new business formats。Hainan also implements the "commitment system" and the "license before certificate" system for administrative approval matters closely related to the field of film and television production, which can not only declare materials by telephone, but also cancel the minimum registered capital restriction for the establishment of film and television enterprises。

Film directors, screenwriters, producers, etc., said that Hainan's natural environment is good, and good policies should be able to attract more people to live in Hainan。They hope that good policies can continue to retain and cultivate more talents to help the development of Hainan's film industry。

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