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Corporate income tax will be cut by 10 points?Hainan into the first choice of enterprise registration company?

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Last week we talked about setting up a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce in SanyaSome e-commerce sellers are eager to try, want to go to Hainan to register a company, want to eat the first bite of Xiangbobo。

那么,Is Hainan really so "fragrant"?

We will talk about this topic again today, after reading I believe you will have a conclusion, whether to open Hainan company ~

2020.7.31, Hainan State Administration of Taxation, Hainan Provincial Taxation BureauAnnouncement on the Preferential Policy of Enterprise Income Tax in Hainan Free Trade Port(hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement"), we have already issued an interpretation, but today, let's focus on two points。

(1) Enterprise income tax shall be levied at a reduced tax rate of 15% for encouraged industrial enterprises

Corporate income tax is higher than normal25%少了10个点To qualify for a 15% income tax rate,The following two conditions must be met

1、The company's main business needs to belong to the encouraged industry

In 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a catalogue of encouraged industries, which basically belong to agriculture and electricity, which are related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

In addition, Hainan will also add the encouraged industry catalog, but it has not yet been introduced。

Basically, weCross-border e-commerce this "trade industry" is unlikely to meet the ~

2、Need for 'de facto management' in Hainan

Many e-commerce sellers may want to go to the Hainan Free Trade Port to set up a shell company, no office, no personnel, then it is not OK?

At the moment, it's not feasible。

The announcement requires that the company established in the Hainan Free Trade Port needs to have actual business operations, or belong to the actual management organization, that is, to implement substantive and comprehensive management and control of the production and operation, personnel, accounts, and property of the enterprise。

So the seller asked about this, I would recommend that if you really want to recruit people in Hainan, have some business in Hainan, you can quickly register;If not, just want to set up a shell company, then please think twice

2. Income from new overseas direct investment in the three major industries of tourism, modern service industry and high and new technology shall be exempted from enterprise income tax

Financial children, or children who have taken our class before, know that if you use a mainland company (such as a Shenzhen company) to hold shares and invest in a Hong Kong company,The profits of the Hong Kong company (after tax, of course) are distributed back to the parent company in Shenzhen, at the mainland tax rate of 25% less the tax already paid in Hong Kong。

No way. The tax system in this country is"Global taxation"呢。

But this policy in Hainan, well, with the Hainan company registered in Hong Kong company, then the Hong Kong company to the Hainan company dividend will not have to pay tax again。

Good news indeed!

If you plan to use the money back in Hainan, or reinvest it, it is highly recommended that you use this policy to reduce income tax。

But many people will think, what if I use Shenzhen company to hold Hainan company, Hainan company to hold Hong Kong company?Then I divided the money back to Shenzhen, so as to go together (according to the previous policy, the dividend itself is tax-free between resident enterprises), didn't it also save a lot of tax?

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